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I am…

…Lulled into wakefulness by the gentle song of the seagulls, their chorus ringing out over the din of the waves softly caressing the cliff side far below. My eyes slowly crack open and gaze upon the weak sun rays beginning to leap over the horizon, painting the clouds a brilliant orange against a pink backdrop. Continue reading “I am…”

Ricky vs. the Black Knight

Normally, around this time, I’d have a short story for you to gobble up with your viewing spheres. Well, I don’t. Instead, I give you part of the final battle in One Last Vigil (and I’m only allowing you to have a little bit, which forces you to buy the book if you want the rest). Goodness comes both before and after this scene. If you enjoy it, go here.


“You don’t fucking know what I’ve been through. You don’t know who you’re fucking with,” I whispered between my teeth. He entered the room and continued his sprint, never slowing even once. I roared with righteous fury, “I’ll fucking kill you!”

He shrieked in response and bounded up the stairs. Then, he was upon me. Continue reading “Ricky vs. the Black Knight”

2 Years Ago

Ricardo Cota Jr. passed away August 30, 2014. I still sit and think about him often. Once the day has gone, and I’ve put in my 8 to 12 hours working, I get a moment to soak in the fact that he is gone, which is still a hard thing to swallow. I keep hoping he’ll just appear somehow and we’ll continue on as though not a single misstep occurred. Normally, when August 30th or his birthday rolls around, I spend some time alone, drinking a beer with an open one set out for him, the wristband with his name engraved on it sitting around the bottle of his beer. This time, I didn’t. Instead, my therapy was the release of One Last Vigil, something so very personal to me and at the same time meant for every single person who has been affected by cancer or another terminal illness in any way. Continue reading “2 Years Ago”

Playing with a Lizard

The main character from One Last Vigil has some fun with a plump reptile in this short, humorous excerpt from chapter 2.


     As I walked along the path, my bamboo cane supporting my hitching gait, I chanced across several things that didn’t scurry from me like the trees and grass did. A large reptile was once left in the wake of stampeding vegetation. It had been turned on its side and was quite fat. It struggled to get its feet beneath itself and I couldn’t help but laugh at its dire situation. 

     I stopped and crouched down. “Why haven’t the trees and grass gotten to you yet? You must not be all that tasty, huh?” Continue reading “Playing with a Lizard”

Arlukent and Chaetor go to a Bar

These two characters fun to work with, especially when they’re together. They create their own humor by simply being who they are, I just put the words down on the page. Here, they go out for a night on the town together, and you may see some similarities to our beautiful port city.

Remember, to leave me comments with ideas for future stories that fit these guidelines.


Bilious clouds, pregnant with the promise of rain, slid past the moon above, stealing the dim, bluish glow that reigned over the night. At such times, Arlukent and Chaetor were forced to view the world by way of the street lights that lined the thin driveways winding through the apartment complex they resided at. Continue reading “Arlukent and Chaetor go to a Bar”

One Last Vigil Prologue and Chapter 1

I wrote this in the four months immediately following the passing away of my godbrother, Ricardo Cota Jr. He was afflicted with lymphoma cancer and eventually was taken by the complications that arose as a result. This was my therapy, but it became something I enjoy quite a bit and I firmly believe it serves as a good metaphor for the journey one with a terminal illness at a young age undertakes.

Look forward to seeing this available at the end of August 2016.

The back matter:

A vigil awaits those who escape the light

     Awakening from a strange dream, one man finds himself lost within a rampant forest. His memory is fragmented and he isn’t sure which pieces explain who he is and what he’s done in life, his own name a mystery to him.

     Soon, he finds that he is not on Earth at all, but in a savage place. The very flora uproots itself and terrible beasts lurk within the belly of the land and behind the thick blanket of trees, all contending to take his life.

     He seeks understanding to mend his broken mind but finds that keeping from the clutches of destruction is a near impossible thing. In a world designed with his end in mind, perhaps death is his angel.

Acceptance is the way back



Continue reading “One Last Vigil Prologue and Chapter 1”

Vesik vs. Tidus

Vesik (main character from Monolithic and villain from Thoughts of Steel) squares off against Tidus (main character in Our Sins). This is a short one and further explains Vesik’s want to be reunited with his family and friends at all costs. He’d even go so far as to crack open the walls of Heaven…


Vesik straightened up as though a lightning bolt had fallen down upon his head. The invading sense of another conscious mingling with his own was always a foreign, unwanted feeling. Fingers dripping with sludge slid through his being and gripped him firmly, words following shortly after. “Do you want to go home, Vesik?”

Speaking with a god required little more than breathing. One’s true intentions were nearly impossible to keep from them, especially when they encroached upon the mind and reaped its thoughts before they could become words. Vesik somehow knew Belok, the bastard god inside his head, was smiling as he continued, “Of course you do. I have a way back for you. Now. If you’d like.” Continue reading “Vesik vs. Tidus”

Aerimon Vs. Micale

The first of many death matches to come. If you do not know what this is all about, then go here.

Here, Aerimon Clyde (protagonist/antagonist from my Dargonzine stories Sowing Seeds and Death Blooms) is pitted against Micale (one of the main characters from Thoughts of Steel). Both of them are masters of the martial arts, although in completely different styles. I guarantee that this is some of the most engaging and creative writing I’ve done in respect to a fight scene. Enjoy, friends.

Remember to leave me some comments on your thoughts. I also welcome your ideas. Who, of my characters, would you like to see fight to the death?


Blood sprayed from between the pale blue lips of the massive creature along with one shining, sharp tooth. Aerimon drew back his elbow as though it were a bolt of lightning, rolled to his left and brought his katana to bear. The Urepterian stood eight feet in height, a brutish thing with perpetually moist blue skin, spikes of bone stabbing outward from its body along its collar and joints, and an extended lower jaw that harbored large fangs within. It recovered from the elbow strike after having attempted to rush forward and grab Aerimon in a crushing embrace only to come face to edge with his blade. Continue reading “Aerimon Vs. Micale”

Phalax and Gang go to the Gym

Head here to figure out what the deal is with this short story. Be sure to leave me a few comments on what you think.


The clanging of weights coupled with laborious grunts and exhales greeted Phalax a breath before the receptionist could. He responded to her tired welcoming line with an indifferent nod, as his eyes scanned the facility. Arlukent, Chaetor, Daria, and Micale filed in through the swinging glass door immediately behind him, each with a different mind about their being in this place. Phalax cared little for what they wanted to gain from their trip here; he only wanted an escape from his reality. Even with these people surrounding him constantly for the months he’d spent on this planet called Earth, he constantly felt desperately alone.

“Card?” asked the receptionist in a tone bordering on irritation. Phalax snapped from his reverie and looked to her to find an eyebrow arched high reminding him of the tip of the Arrows back home. Continue reading “Phalax and Gang go to the Gym”

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