ROF Front

Thousands are caught in the destructive wake of the gods as they bend the cosmos to their will. Unless Phalax and his companions can stop them, millions more will suffer and perish. Even banded together, their supernatural and magical powers may not be enough to end the gods’ vicious reign.

Phalax has sacrificed so much, but he will continue to fight for the innocent souls across the universe. Can he save his own damned and tormented soul? Can he find revival in vengeance, or do the things of life and love count for more? Can he make the steel that was once his downfall his redemption?




Keith was born to Terri and Phil English on Travis Airforce Base in Fairfield, CA. He grew up with four siblings, his only sister the oldest of the kids. He lives in Stockton, CA with his wife, three children, three dogs, and two guinea pigs. When he isn’t writing, you can find him practicing Jiu Jitsu, gardening, or exploring the outdoors with his loved ones. He’s a connoisseur of fine metal music and cannot exist for long without a good beer or whiskey. He holds a black belt in Krav Maga and spent seven wonderful years of his life teaching the art to students of all ages.