Game of Gods is the second book in the Ruination Gods series and will be released 06/05/2017. You can find several snippets throughout the site here: ProloguePhalax Kills a GuyUkebrelek Joins the Fight, Talking of Home, Everyone DiesPhalax’s Family.


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From the backmatter:

The universe trembles as the gods that preside over it begin bending it to their will, destroying those unfortunate souls caught in their wake. 

Phalax has become a puppet of a god and is forced to obey his demented will, laying waste to the very people he once protected. As Baronfall struggles to recover from the demonic invasion, another threat appears from the mountains, Phalax acting as its spearhead. Stuck inside his steel prison, Phalax watches, helpless and withering, as he demolishes everything in his path. The gods think themselves untouchable, but they are not the only ones who hunt. If the cosmos is going to burn, so too will the gods that pull its strings.