Oh, this is a fun one. Phalax, beloved protagonist from Thoughts of Steel against Jayko, demented antagonist from my DZ stories Death Blooms. Enjoy.

Dying a second time was only slightly different than the first. Of course, when Jayko’s soul and mind had become unmoored from his body then, he had immediately filled a new vessel, making his acquaintance with death quite brief, but still no less terrifying. This time, he felt the whirling chaos of fear and confusion clouding his every thought, ripping away his voice, stealing what little control he had over Aerimon’s body, casting him into an abyss. Just as it had before. Only now, it was lasting far longer.

He attempted to scream; nothing came of his efforts. His mind ran rampant through his memories, touching on each one momentarily, mashing many together, shredding others, perverting them to create a gross spectacle of his life. He saw himself suckling his mother’s nipple as a babe, then was suddenly twenty seven years of age. He watched as he dismantled a man strapped to a wall by all manner of leather straps and chains, then took the man’s place as another began to carve into him. He revolted as he made love to Helena, only for Aerimon to appear and guide her mouth toward his manhood, which she joyously accepted.  Continue reading “Phalax vs. Jayko”