The first of many death matches to come. If you do not know what this is all about, then go here.

Here, Aerimon Clyde (protagonist/antagonist from my Dargonzine stories Sowing Seeds and Death Blooms) is pitted against Micale (one of the main characters from Thoughts of Steel). Both of them are masters of the martial arts, although in completely different styles. I guarantee that this is some of the most engaging and creative writing I’ve done in respect to a fight scene. Enjoy, friends.

Remember to leave me some comments on your thoughts. I also welcome your ideas. Who, of my characters, would you like to see fight to the death?


Blood sprayed from between the pale blue lips of the massive creature along with one shining, sharp tooth. Aerimon drew back his elbow as though it were a bolt of lightning, rolled to his left and brought his katana to bear. The Urepterian stood eight feet in height, a brutish thing with perpetually moist blue skin, spikes of bone stabbing outward from its body along its collar and joints, and an extended lower jaw that harbored large fangs within. It recovered from the elbow strike after having attempted to rush forward and grab Aerimon in a crushing embrace only to come face to edge with his blade. Continue reading “Aerimon Vs. Micale”