Revival of Fire is the third and final book in my Ruination Gods Series and was released on 7/14/18. Follow these links for snippets from the novel: Prologue and first chapter, Origins of the gods, Fal gets drunk during a battle.




From the backmatter:

“The gods will know fear. They will feel pain. They will die… or the universe will.

Thousands are caught in the destructive wake of the gods as they bend the cosmos to their will. Unless Phalax and his companions can stop them, millions more will suffer and perish. Even banded together, their supernatural and magical powers may not be enough to end the gods’ vicious reign.

Phalax has sacrificed so much, but he will continue to fight for the innocent souls across the universe. Can he save his own damned and tormented soul? Can he find revival in vengeance, or do the things of life and love count for more? Can he make the steel that was once his downfall his redemption?”