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One Last Vigil was published via Hawk Wind Books on 08/31/2016 and is available at the links below:

Amazon Paperback – $11.99

Amazon Kindle – $2.99

All manner of terminal illnesses are terrible, soul-shattering afflictions. My godbrother, Ricardo Cota Jr., was an actor (you may have seen the back of him in that Milky Way commercial when the three swimmers dive into the pool of caramel), a wonderful singer, a comedian, and a loving brother, son, and friend. He lived in New York for a brief period of time and seemed completely at home in the Big Apple. I miss him every damn day, but this book is for him. It is a metaphor for the journey one afflicted with a terminal illness at a young age undertakes, delivered by way of the fantasy genre.

From the back matter:

A vigil awaits those who escape the light

     Awakening from a strange dream, one man finds himself lost within a rampant forest. His memory is fragmented and he isn’t sure which pieces explain who he is and what he’s done in life, his own name a mystery to him.

     Soon, he finds that he is not on Earth at all, but in a savage place. The very flora uproots itself and terrible beasts lurk within the belly of the land and behind the thick blanket of trees, all contending to take his life.

     He seeks understanding to mend his broken mind but finds that keeping from the clutches of destruction is a near impossible thing. In a world designed with his end in mind, perhaps death is his angel.

Acceptance is the way back

Prologue and Chapter 1

Playing with a Lizard

Ricky Vs. the Black Knight