Howdy partner! Below is a list of my work and a brief description of each item. Find that which you fancy and click away. Great fiction is right at the tips of your fingers.

Revival of Fire: The third and final installment in the Ruination Gods series. It was a bear to close the book on this trilogy I’d been crafting in my mind and on paper for nearly a decade. Despite all the complexities I caused and hurtles I put in my own way, I think it concluded pretty nicely. Give it a peek if you’re down with magic on a ridiculously powerful scale.

Game of Gods: The second installment in the Ruination Gods series and something I’m extremely proud of. With grand schemes that span the cosmos and godlike beings the driving force behind those machinations, I think you’ll dig if sword and sorcery is your bag.

The Source: A sci-fi novella and my first story with aliens (don’t worry, they don’t have bulbous heads and large, egg-shaped black eyes; they are extremely badass). And guess what? It’s FREE! Download it from Smashwords in a plethora of different formats. Doing so will make me one happy camper.

One Last Vigil: The novel I wrote in the 4 months following the passing of my god-brother, Ricardo Cota Jr. The entire thing was my therapy and serves as a metaphor for the fight one with cancer undertakes. It is also wildly entertaining and thought provoking… I hope.

Thoughts of Steel: This is the first thing I ever wrote. Since then, however, it’s gone through a bajillion rewrites and critiques to make it what it is now. Thoughts of Steel is the first book in the Ruination Gods series and the ideas for the story were very much so influenced by my love for D&D literature. If sword and sorcery is your thing, this is worth a peek.

Fragments of the Coil: A collection of nine stories. I have written these throughout the years, the majority of them in college. They have very little if anything to do with one another (there are some Easter eggs throughout my work that one who pays real close attention may discover) and stand on their own. The range from sword and sorcery fantasy to futuristic sci-fi, the book itself certainly having something for everyone. That is, ya know, if you’re human and like to read.

Dargonzine Short Stories: My very first published story floated down this amazing online channel of publishing. The stories here are all fantasy, but with little magic. There’s a badass self-defense instructor who goes all kinds of nuts, a captain of the Town Guard desperately set on a mission to rid his town of evil, zombie-like creatures that grow in strength and speed each time they die, a cult of murderous torturers hellbent on devastating an entire city, and so much more. These stories are meant ONLY for people who breathe a mix of oxygen and nitrogen.