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March 2016

The Pantheon of Baronfall


While creating my little fictional world, I was allowed to conjure up many things and if you are to read Thoughts of Steel (or Fragments of the Coil which has several distinct and interesting worlds), then you’ll discover my brain children. One such thing that I put some effort toward was the set of gods that play an active role throughout Baronfall.

Here is a list of the gods/goddesses that come into play:

Malkor: God of justice and protection, he is worshiped by the vast majority of people in Baronfall. His sigil is a winged shield and a statue set in the King’s Temple portrays him as a knight clad in immaculate armor with nothing but a massive shield held in two hands set to ward off foes. At the onset of TOS, Phalax worships Malkor. Daria, who enters later in the book, is given the divine power to heal those even on the brink of death with the power given to her by the god of justice. Continue reading “The Pantheon of Baronfall”

The History of Baronfall with a Twist Ending


The scene begins as our hero takes a trip to the King’s Temple and ends with the first sighting of a demon, resulting in the absolute end of Phalax’s world.


The glorious shine from the stronghold dimly illuminated the yard but still provided more than enough light for Phalax to make out the hundreds of giant, wooden spikes set into the ground in small clusters, tips protruding toward the wall Phalax had just walked through. These spikes were set in place to slow a siege, allowing archers and other artillery to rain missiles down on the attacking force from the safety of castle balconies. Security had been an extremely important obsession for the Altair family. Phalax walked a zigzagging path toward the east side of the castle that was barely wide enough to accommodate two wagons pulled side by side. As he walked, he thought of the castle‚Äôs history, and the events that had led to the founding of Baronfall and Cavia. Continue reading “The History of Baronfall with a Twist Ending”

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