You can find several posts including snippets of Thoughts of Steel throughout the site here: Prologue, A Glimpse of Hell, Phalax Breaks out of Jail, Baronfall’s History and a Demon, Baronfall’s Pantheon. Follow the links below to get to the Amazon page for each book.

Thoughts of Steel – Kindle, Paperback


From the back matter:

The world turns cold as steel when it begins to die, and the divine will answer for the plight of man…

Life, as the inhabitants of Zepzier know it, ends as things of myth become a harsh and terrifying reality. Everything that Phalax, a battle-hardened defender of the kingdom of Cavia, has cared for begins to slip through his grasp as nightmares begin to plague his world. When he loses everything, he is left with nothing but a need for revenge, and the road to vengeance will be paved by the blood of both friend and foe.

Phalax once upheld justice. Now, right and wrong have no meaning to him, and morality has no bearing on his actions. He worships no gods, not even those who imbue him with incredible power. He will murder the enemy of his homeland and leave no threat standing. Nothing will stop him–no mortal, no demon, no god.