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Hold my Battleaxe 8 – Gax goes fishing

Flopping madly, droplets of water flying about and splashing Gax, the large, disc-shaped fish at the end of the line struggled valiantly to get away from the cudgel in the orc’s hand. Just like he had done to the three before this one, however, Gax gripped the fishing line and let the fish dangle in front of him until it calmed slightly. Then, he smacked it across the eye with his club and it went dormant. He whistled as he removed the hook from its mouth, his meaty, orc fingers, which weren’t amazingly adept at such tasks, fumbled the hook a few times. 

His joyous whistle turned to a growl as the hook pierced the tip of his finger for what must have been the third time today. He instinctually put his finger in his mouth to suck on it and spat it out quickly after, the stink and taste of raw fish lingering. Once he finally removed the hook, he bashed the fish once more then tossed it into a quaint wooden chest lined with burlap, a block of ice purchased from a butcher beneath that.  Continue reading “Hold my Battleaxe 8 – Gax goes fishing”

Fal and the Boys get Drunk During a Battle

Koe lay on his side, atop a hill, dying.

Or so it seemed, moaning and griping as he was.

Fal felt like cutting off one of the man’s fingers to show him what real pain was. He dismissed the idea quickly, though. Mostly because Koe was his good friend and brother, partially because some snake-like bipedal, ugly son of a whore was bearing down on him. Continue reading “Fal and the Boys get Drunk During a Battle”

The Villains from the Ruination Gods Series came from Earth

Delve into the end of chapter 4 of Revival of Fire to learn the origins of the gods. Tying Earth to my series was both easily done and a fun twist. I’m sure if you’ve read the first two books this will be an interesting little spin.


Prosectero’s thoughts drifted through the labyrinth of his mind, dredging up memories ages past. He found himself recalling a day that still struck fear into him, when he had been called Daniel, before he had adopted a new name. He lay, strapped to a table in his home with one side of a thin wire of copper taped to his temple and the other end hanging from a rubber hook fixed to a nearby contraption, surrounded by many unfamiliar faces, and two that he felt far too fondly of. He was fourteen.

His father glided about the table monotonously, his emotions vanished as he checked straps, mechanical equipment, and ancient artifacts. His mother stood within the gaggle of fascinated men and women, stoic, her piercing eyes stabbing into his soul. He cried out in confusion and terror, but he might as well have been a mute, so unaffected was the crowd and his very own parents by his begging and sobbing. Continue reading “The Villains from the Ruination Gods Series came from Earth”

Prologue & 1st Chapter of Revival of Fire

Take a peek at a snippet of the 1st draft for the cover of Revival of Fire, the final novel in the Ruination Gods series, and read the prologue and first chapter below.



Heart pounding, Rilaena slipped down the natural path carved through the overgrowth of wavering brush. She ran beneath the witness of the three moons and several distant planets that spun through the cosmos around Expansion, the planet she now called home. Stephan clutched the tips of her fingers as she ran, staggering as she darted down the trails that branched off from the main road. She prayed that not a single person from her guard or entourage–or anyone for that matter–had seen them. Her silent plea fell on deaf ears, it seemed, as several winged figures rose up into the sky behind them, engines whirring, announcing their presence. Continue reading “Prologue & 1st Chapter of Revival of Fire”

Hold my Battleaxe 7 – Gax Almost Wins a Beauty Contest

24993658_514422405590453_2404377942352126417_nSaryn slobbered drunkenly as he pounded the table, sending one of his several empty mugs clattering to the floor. His head swiveled and bobbed, his glassy eyes hard-pressed to keep up with the motion. Even Gax looked up from his game of cards, the puny parchment things that would certainly win him a few copper rounds clutched in his callused, green fingers.

“You’re placing all wagers on the bet safe!” Saryn roared, slurring his words heavily. Even he seemed confused by the ordering of his words, his face scrunching up as though it was extremely difficult to understand the things his brain commanded of his body. “I say, we talk to Gax!”

Gax, knowing the reputation of this tavern-crawling cretin paid him no mind. Soon, Gax was sure, Saryn would flop to the soggy, wooden floor face-first and find himself tossed roughly out into an alley comprised more of piss and shit than stone. Saryn listed lazily to the side and Gax cursed himself for not shouting a wager that the drunkard was slipping into unconsciousness even now.

“Gax! You big pig of a son! Tomorrow, you win the fairest maid contest, I give you a gold hundred!” Saryn raised his full tankard as he belted his final few words, half of the ale inside sloshing out and landing either on his own head or on the table. Then, he promptly dropped his head to the table and passed out.  Continue reading “Hold my Battleaxe 7 – Gax Almost Wins a Beauty Contest”

Hold my Battleaxe 6 – Gax goes on a Date

26165736_524925471206813_5741445874671323792_n“We’re between jobs, low on gold, ain’t got shit to eat, or drink for that matter, and you’re going out to dinner,” Darsil’eit growled at Gax. She stood with one hand on her hip and one eyebrow arched. Her olive skin glistened from the humidity of the air in their tight quarters. 

Gax ignored her for a moment, smoothing the wrinkles from his roughspun cotton shirt, which clung tightly to his muscular frame. It was his nicest shirt, well, one of his only shirts actually. He left his torso naked more often than not, save for when the seasons shifted and would have frozen the orc blood in his veins if not for many layers of clothing. “We aren’t that low on coin…” 

“We’re sharing a damn room in the shittiest inn this side of the mountains!” Dar shouted, her eyes wide and alive with fire and fury, her arms splayed wide to encompass the cramped box that barely managed a single cot.  Continue reading “Hold my Battleaxe 6 – Gax goes on a Date”

Hold my Battleaxe 5 – Gax tries to capture an ergun, and doesn’t do so well


“Hold my battleaxe, Dar,” Gax requested, handing the massive weapon to the elf before she had a chance to respond. Darsil’eit snatched the axe from Gax’s outstretched hand with both of her arms, her bow now leaning against a nearby tree.

“What are you about?” she asked suspiciously as he strode forward.

Gax slowly shifted his feet through the watery mud beneath him, brushing past low hanging willow branches. The swamp he trudged through sat bathed in the soft glow of dusk, motes of dust and small insects flitting fancifully past the rare shaft of intense orange light that pierced the thick veil from the many trees and tall ferns.

“The traps you set are sound, yeah?” he asked, not breaking stride. “They’ll capture a ergun well?”

“Three if they’re spread out,” she said with a snort of superiority.

“Good. I figure it’s my neck we should stick out here, not yours. Axe will slow me down getting back behind the traps.”

“Well seeing as how we’ve been tasked with capturing creatures dangerous enough to rip either of our faces off thanks to your stupidity, I’d be inclined to agree. Carry on. Long as Obrel gets his ergun, I’ll be happy.” Continue reading “Hold my Battleaxe 5 – Gax tries to capture an ergun, and doesn’t do so well”

Hold my Battleaxe 4 – Gax makes an eagle angry trying to score hallucinogens



Gax parried an awkward and weak strike with his massive axe, burst forward, then slammed his fist into the human’s face, bone crunching. The merchant flopped to the hard rock ground, a limp heap. He brought his axe up over his head and set his feet apart.

“Gax!” shouted a familiar voice. “No killing!”

He rolled his eyes and spun around to face Darsil’eit, his elf companion, his arms going slack.

“Where’s the fun in that?” he argued, kicking backward and striking the unconscious human with his heel. Continue reading “Hold my Battleaxe 4 – Gax makes an eagle angry trying to score hallucinogens”

Hold my Battleaxe 3 – Gax wins a grappling match by knocking himself out



A mighty roar spilled from Gax, issuing between his large orc teeth, some of which were sharpened, drowning out the laments of several humans. He reached across the bar table, his rickety stool wobbling threateningly beneath him, and raked a small pile of copper ovals toward his person. The other players begrudgingly shoved their dice back into their cups and began shaking them.

Gax snatched his ale and drained it in a mighty gulp, a bit spilling from the corner of his grinning mouth. He slammed it back down and looked triumphantly at the others. Continue reading “Hold my Battleaxe 3 – Gax wins a grappling match by knocking himself out”

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