Here, you will find posts about my writing. I’ll throw in excerpts from published stuff and that which is scheduled to be published.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have dreamed of having my own website one day when I began writing nine years ago. But then again, seeing as how one can have a website dedicated to anything (for example, one where the home page turns your cursor into a space-travelling squirrel with a laser gun) it shouldn’t really blow my mind all that much.

Well, I do hope you’ll stick around for the long haul (just a measly 70 more years or so, unless I get trampled by the roadrunner as he escapes the clutches of that goddamn coyote. Seriously though, just give up. You haven’t learned yet? What is wrong with you? Take a vacation! Get a real job! That’s it, your mother and I are kicking you out! And, we’re shutting off your cell phone! Well, you should have been taking the trash the past seven years! Whoa! No need to point that rocket at us, son … not like you’ll hit us anyway). Now that was a tangent.

I promise to try to be funny when I can and deliver amazing fiction for your little brain to gobble up, nourishing it until it grows into a big, happy brain. I look forward to hearing from all of you, whether that be one person or a thousand, I’ll be happy. And I hope you all are too.