Ricardo Cota Jr. passed away August 30, 2014. I still sit and think about him often. Once the day has gone, and I’ve put in my 8 to 12 hours working, I get a moment to soak in the fact that he is gone, which is still a hard thing to swallow. I keep hoping he’ll just appear somehow and we’ll continue on as though not a single misstep occurred. Normally, when August 30th or his birthday rolls around, I spend some time alone, drinking a beer with an open one set out for him, the wristband with his name engraved on it sitting around the bottle of his beer. This time, I didn’t. Instead, my therapy was the release of One Last Vigil, something so very personal to me and at the same time meant for every single person who has been affected by cancer or another terminal illness in any way.

Well. One Last Vigil is out. The entire process took 2 years, but I feel this is the perfect time for it to be released. Check out the links below, the Kindle link will give you free access all the way to the middle of chapter two.

While Amazon is still working through the process of connecting the two formats as the same title, you can follow these links to get to the book.

Paperback – $11.99

Kindle – $2.99

A sincere thank you to any and all who support One Last Vigil in any way.